Black Splitter SG3

The multipurpose Black Splitter SG3, designed for excavators weighing between 3,5 and 8 metric tons, has three functions: timber splitting, material handling and rotating 360°. All three machine functions can be controlled via two auxiliary hydraulic control circuits. The SG3 shifts automatically between these functions.


The Black Splitter SG3 can also be used for material sorting, setting large stones into place or for general demolition work. If needed, a protective blank flange can be mounted to the motor shaft flange in place of the cone.

delivery without excavator bracket and hydraulic hoses


for excavators 3,5 t to 8 t


weight  370 - 410 kg




double helical thread

245 mm dia

2 pieces

24 mm thread pitch


hydraulic motor  hydraulic motor 800 - input pressure 180-240 bar - max. torque 2475 Nm


drive shaft  100 mm dia, bearing-mounted and sealed


hydraulic cylinder  4 x 3500 kg compressive force


grapple  hardox-steel with steel teeth

Prototyp SG3 Black Splitter