Black Splitter POWER EXTREME SB - Series

The Black Splitter SB cone splitter is designed for carrier vehicles weighing from 3  to 12 metric tons.  The combination of its light weight design and high torque output enables splitting of particularly difficult and fibrous wood, e.g. Poplar, even with smaller carriers. For much larger carrier vehicles, either the Black Splitter SBX (12 to 28 metric tons) or the Black Splitter SBXX (25 to 40 metric tons) is ideally suited for effective and efficient splitting of extreme timber.


For technical data, please see the table below.

Black Splitter SBX

technical data

does not include excavator bracket or hydraulic hoses 


excavator  12 to 28 metric tons


weight  635 kg




quadruple helical thread

400 mm dia

3 pieces

48 mm thread pitch


hydraulic motor 

planetary gear

input pressure max. 320 bar  

max. 268 l/min


torque  max. 30000 Nm


drive shaft  130 mm dia, bearing-mounted and sealed


Kegelspalter Black Splitter SBX