Black Splitter POWER EXTREME SB Series

The Black Splitter SBXX is the largest and most powerful cone splitter in the Power Extreme SB series and is designed for excavators weighing from      25 to 40 metric tons. It is ideally suited for effective and efficient splitting of extremely large diameter logs or fibrous wood.


For technical data, please see the table below.

Black Splitter SBXX

(does not include excavator bracket or hydraulic hoses)


Technical Specifications


Excavator: 25 - 40 metric tons

Weight: 890 kg

Cone: chromium steel

             quadruple-edged threads

             400 mm dia.

             48 mm thread pitch

Hydraulic Motor: max. 340 bar, max. 424 l/min.

Planetary Gears: max. torque 60000 Nm

Motor Shaft: 170 mm dia., tool steel, bearing-mounted and sealed




The hydraulic motor must be connected to a motor case drain line.