Black Splitter S2

(does not include excavator bracket or hydraulic hoses) 


Technical Specifications


Excavator: 1 - 6 metric tons

Weight:  119 - 128 kg

Cone: chromium steel

            double-edged threads

            200 mm dia.

            two parts

            24 mm thread pitch


Hydraulic Motor (optional)

  • 630: 180-240 bar, 666 cc, max. torque 2338 Nm
  • 800: 180-240 bar, 801 cc, max. torque 2475 Nm
  • 800+: 180-370 bar, 801 cc, max. torque 4020 Nm

Motor Shaft: 100 mm dia., bearing-mounted and sealed



The hydraulic motor 800+ must be connected to a motor case drain line.


All Black Splitter accessories are compatible with the Black Splitter S2 and can be mounted onto the motor shaft flange in place of the cone. 

black splitter S2



for the Black Splitter S2, to enable grabbing as well as splitting.



The Black Splitter Rake is made from Hardox steel. The reversible attachment enables both pulling and pushing of loose branches, roots or residual wood. It is ideal for the preparation of the forest floor, eg., for replanting trees for the purpose of reforestation. When used with the Plant Auger, the ground can be cleared quickly of forest debris and holes drilled easily for replanting saplings without having to make machine modificatons.