New From Black Splitter

Powerful - Dynamic - Efficient


· ROOT PLOW - for planing stumps and plowing roots, can be used from both sides and at different heights

· STUMP GRINDER - mills away tree stumps quickly and cleanly, available in various diameters with different centering tips

· RAKE & PLANT AUGER - the perfect duo for preparation of the forest floor,  pulling and pushing of loose branches and roots and simultaneously

  drilling holes for plants or saplings

· ROTARY CULTIVATOR - equipped with 8 double-edged blades made of high-grade steel for loosening or aerating soil, removing root systems and 

  tilling lawns and fallow land

· GROUND SCREW - for the vertical placement of a mounted object without concrete, ideally suited for meadows, sand, gravel, clay, rocky soils and

  packed earth.


Black Splitter offers a variety of grabs to choose from including a Log Grab in various sizes, a Log Grab with Rotator and a Finger Grab with Slew Ring in various sizes.


A Log Grab is also available as an add-on kit for the Black Splitter S2.

Ground Screw Accessories

For the Black Splitter Ground Screw, there are also suitable accessories, which e.g. can be used to secure posts and wooden supports or to anchor tents into place.


Flat Post Support: galvanized support for post wood protection and concrete-free foundation construction

Draw Hook: galvanized hook for securing tents and marquees

Braced Post Support: galvanized support for wood protection, available in diameters: 100mm - 120mm -140mm

Root plow

Made of 12 mm thick Hardox steel, the Black Splitter Root Plow is ideal for planing stumps and plowing roots. Due to its design, the Root Plow can be used from both sides and at different heights.

Rotary Cultivator

The Black Splitter Rotary Cultivator (also known as a rototiller, rotary tiller or garden claw) is equipped with 8 double-edged blades manufactured from high-grade steel. Rotatable in both directions, it is ideal for loosening or aerating soil. It is also used for tilling lawns and fallow land in order to easily remove root systems to prepare such areas e.g. for replanting.


When not in rotation, the Rotary Cultivator can be used to aerate lawns by piercing the soil with the blades.

euro coupler

the Euro Coupler is designed specifically for Black Splitter machines

Black Splitter S2X mounted on the Euro Coupler

Ground Screw & ADapter

The Black Splitter Ground Screw enables the vertical placement of a mounted object without concrete. Ideally suited for meadows, sand, gravel, clay, rocky soils and packed earth.


Shaft dia. = 89 mm, wall strength = 2.75 mm

Flange dia. = 200 mm,  thickness = 8 mm

Available in three lengths: 800 mm - 1000 mm - 1200 mm


Ground Screw Adapter required



The Black Splitter Rake is made from Hardox steel. The reversible attachment enables both pulling and pushing of loose branches, roots or residual wood. It is ideal for the preparation of the forest floor, eg., for replanting trees for the purpose of reforestation. When used with the Plant Auger, the ground can be cleared quickly of forest debris and holes drilled easily for replanting saplings without having to make machine modificatons.

WeeD BROOM with Reinforced Synthetic brushes

The reinforced synthetic brushes are intended for removing weeds or dirt on delicate surfaces such as historical cobblestones, which could be scratched or otherwise damaged by the coated steel brushes. Although the reinforced synthetic brushes are less abrasive, they nevertheless wear out more rapidly. Therefore, they should only be used on such surfaces. The individual brushes are replaceable and are fastened laterally with a bolt.