New For Black Splitter

Ground Screw

Enables the vertical placement of a mounted object without concrete. Ideally suited for meadows, sand, gravel, clay, rocky soils and packed earth.

Shaft dia. = 89 mm., Steel Strength 2.75 mm. Flange dia. = 200 mm., Stärke 8 mm.

Effective Length: 800 mm. - 1000 mm. - 1200 mm.



Loose branches, roots, residual timber, etc., can be cleared away in wooded areas with our rake add-on kit, which can be mounted in either direction. It is extremely convenient for the preparation of the forest floor e.g. for replanting or reforestation. In combination with our plant auger, debris can be easily removed from wooded areas and plant holes bored into the ground without having to change equipment.


The garden claw can be used to loosen up soil and to break up grassy or fallow ground in preparation for replanting.



An accessory for Black Splitter S2

WooD BROOM with Reinforced Synthetic brushes

The reinforced synthetic brushes are intended for removing weeds or dirt on delicate surfaces such as historical cobblestones, which could be scratched or otherwise damaged by the coated steel brushes. Although the reinforced synthetic brushes are less abrasive, they nevertheless wear out more rapidly. Therefore, they should only be used on such surfaces. The individual brushes are replaceable and are fastened laterally with a bolt.