Rake & Plant Auger

The Black Splitter rake is the ideal 2-in-1 tool in combination with the plant auger. Thanks to the interchangeable attachment, loose branches, roots, residual wood etc. can be pulled or pushed. It is ideal for preparing forest areas, e.g. for replanting and reforestation. Together with the planting auger, the soil can be cleared of debris and planting holes can be drilled without the need for conversion.


While a rake is mainly used for soil preparation and weed control, a planting auger is ideal for simply planting flowers and shrubs and drilling deeper holes 

Black splitter rake

✓ available with 5 prongs or 7 prongs

✓ made from Hardox steel 


Black Splitter plant auger 

✓ Cutting edges and drill tips are replaceable

✓ Available in diameter:

    ∅ 300 mm suitable for devices min. 2300 Nm. 

    ∅ 400 mm suitable for devices min. 10000 Nm.

    ∅ 500 mm suitable for devices min. 16000 Nm.

Advantages of the Black Splitters rake & planting drill

- Soil preparation: a rake can be used to loosen and aerate the forest soil, which is important to encourage root growth in newly planted trees. Raking with a rake can also remove weeds to give the young trees more room to grow.

- Planting seedlings: A planting auger is a useful tool for planting seedlings or young trees in woodland areas. With a planting drill, holes can be drilled quickly and efficiently to insert the seedlings and thus support the reforestation measures.