Root Plow

The root plow from Black Splitter is a powerful and versatile tool that we have developed specifically for removing roots in agriculture and forestry. With its sharp metal blade and sturdy handle, the root planer enables efficient and thorough removal of roots to make room for new plantings or to prepare the soil for agricultural activities.


Thanks to its high-quality workmanship and durable materials, the root plow is a reliable tool that can withstand even the most demanding requirements. In forestry, the root plow can be used to prepare the land for reforestation or to create space for the construction of roads or other infrastructure. In addition, it can also help to reduce the risk of forest fires, as removing roots reduces the potential for underground fires.


Whether in forestry, agriculture or horticulture, the root plow is an indispensable tool for anyone who values efficient work and optimum soil preparation. Discover the wide range of applications and outstanding quality of the Black Splitter root plow.

Special features of the Black Splitter root plow

✓ made from Hardox 500 in 12 mm thickness

    for applications with high wear resistance 

✓ Can be used from both sides

✓ can be used from the side, rear and bottom

    Can be used at different heights

✓ Can be integrated with the Black Splitter cone splitter S2 or SG1

    Without additional excavator mount

✓ Mounting plate, excavator mount and screw replacement

     additionally available

✓ Ideal tool for planing and milling roots

Advantages of the root plow

  • Efficient removal of roots
  • Creates space for new plantings
  • Improves the soil quality
  • Reduces the risk of forest fires
  • Versatile use in agriculture and forestry
  • No need for barriers during work
  • Shredded root wood can be disposed of as green waste after clearing
  •  Disposed of as green waste or recycled as energy wood