Stump Grinder

The Black Splitter stump grinder is a powerful and versatile tool that we have developed specifically for removing tree stumps. With its robust construction and high-quality materials, the stump grinder enables efficient and thorough stump removal without the need for additional barriers or splash guards.


Thanks to its innovative technology and precise design, the stump grinder is able to remove tree stumps quickly and effortlessly without the need to fill in the clearing site. In addition, the shredded root wood can be disposed of as green waste after removal or recycled as valuable energy wood.

Special features of the Black Splitter stump grinder


✓ Available in 3 diameters - 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm

✓ Knife attachments individually interchangeable

✓ Knife set available as smooth knife or Hardox knife

✓ Replaceable spare tip with 4 mm or 8 mm feed pitch

    available (depending on tree species)

✓ Suitable for devices with torque from

    ∅ 300 mm suitable for devices min. 2300 Nm. Torque

    ∅ 400 mm suitable for devices min. 10000 Nm. Torque

    ∅ 500 mm suitable for devices min. 16000 Nm. Torque

Advantages of the stump grinder

  • Fast removal: Stump grinding enables stumps to be removed quickly removal of tree stumps without time-consuming digging or other time-consuming methods.
  • No residue: The stump is shredded into smaller wood chips by milling
  • wood chips, which can be used as natural mulch
    can be used as natural mulch.
  • Space for new planting: The removal of tree stumps
    creates space for new planting or other garden projects.
  • Pest prevention: Rotting stumps attract pests    
    which can be eliminated using the milling technique.