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BLACK SPLITTER for your wood

If you regularly process great quantities of firewood or need to split large diameter logs,

then our Black Splitter cone splitters are just right for you!

Our concept

We manufacture hydraulic wood-splitting machines of various sizes, which can be mounted to excavators or similar vehicles (e.g., wheel loaders, skid-steers and tractors) in the 0,8 to 40 metric ton weight class. Due to their exceptional German engineering and quality construction, Black Splitter cone splitters and accessories have earned acclaim from industry professionals and private customers worldwide.

Your advantages

Black Splitter cone splitters are easy to mount to all carrier vehicles. They allow weather-independent working without much physical effort and enable rapid processing of large or small logs. 


Moreover, Black Splitter accessories enable the operator to perform other useful tasks as well:

  • With the Stump Grinder, stumps are eliminated quickly and neatly. It is also possible to work over guardrails or fences.
  • The Screening Basket is ideal for washing gravel or for sieving topsoil.
  • The Auger is available in different lengths and diameters for all types of soil and ground layers.
  • With the Weed Broom, stubborn weeds are removed with ease and paving stone surfaces quickly restored to their original condition.
  • The Mixing Drum makes it possible to mix cement and to pour it directly to the desired position without a disturbing power cable getting in the way.
  • The Rotary Cultivator loosens up soil and breaks up grassy or fallow ground in preparation for replanting. 
  • The Rake Add-On Kit, which can be mounted in either direction, makes it possible to clear away branches, roots, residual timber, etc. It is extremely convenient for the preparation of the forest floor for replanting or reforestation. In combination with the Plant Auger, debris can be easily removed from wooded areas and plant holes bored into the ground without having to change equipment.
  • The Ground Screw enables the vertical placement of a mounted object without the need for concrete. Ideally suited for meadows, sand, gravel, clay, rocky soils and packed earth.
  • Black Splitter Ground Screw Accessories can be used, for example, to attach posts and wooden supports or to attach tents to a tow hook.
  • The Black Splitter Root Plow is used for planing stumps and roots. The root planer can be used from both sides. It can be used sideways, behind and from below at different heights.




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